Meet Our Members

Brett Wright: Founding Member Research/Investigator

As a child I had experiences, but was never aware of how to deal with them. It was not until adulthood, when another person informed me that I had abilities. It did take me a while to realize how to control those abilities. Those abilities I only use in a positive manner. 

My full time job requires that I do travel alot and to visit some locations that are over 100 years old. Several times I had experiences at a few locations.

In the last 8 years of investigating the paranormal, nothing shocks me anymore. Some of the locations and what I have experienced would be considered frightening and scary for some...It's just one of several  paths of paranormal that I have ventured.

Our clients call us up searching for answers, conclusions and closures. We keep a larger portion of our investigations private to ensure confidentiality. There are some situations that we uncover because of "abilities" that are unknown to the client.  With the information we receive for the outcome of our investigation gives our clients peace of mind and the courage to move on with their lives.

Kerry Cooper: Founding Member Research/Investigator

I started getting interested in the Paranormal when I was 19 Years old. I was touched one time on the shoulder and when no one was around that really got me interested. Brett Wright and I started the group in September of 2010 and have been going strong ever since. 

 I am also a Meteorologist at the CBS station in Beaumont, Texas and have always loved weather as well. I Graduated from Mississippi State University in 1995 with a degree in Meteorology.

 I have learned in the 7 years that I've investigated that spirits are everywhere and make themselves well known to us. It's nothing for either of us to be sitting somewhere and we would get touched or talked to from many spirits. We as a group want to continue to learn and continue finding answers. Many members have come and gone since then but the three of us have been helping clients as much as we can and plan to continue to do so.

Since Charlesie and I have met we have captured hundreds of Class A evps along with each others Hearts. We are also planning a wedding at the first location we met at and where Charlesie had her first investigation.

Charlesie Cooper: Member/Research/Invetigator

I have always loved anything paranormal and joined GSPS February 12,2016, which was also my very first investigation with the group. I am a researcher for the group and also an investigator. I help find locations for us to investigate.

I have always had the abilities to see and hear the paranormal since I was very young. Since joining the group I have been on almost every single investigation we have been called to. Although I bring many things to the group, there are also many things I have learned from Brett and Kerry.I have also passed these abilities down to my children, who love anything paranormal as much as I do.

Since joining the group and meeting Kerry, I have learned many things about investigating. He and I became great friends and have carried our friendship even further and were married on September 21, 2017. 

Paranormal Investigating Group

About Graveyard Shift Paranormal Society

Graveyard Shift Paranormal Society was formed in September of 2010.

We are a paranormal investigating group covering the SouthWest Louisiana and SouthEast Texas regions. Graveyard Shift Paranormal Society was formed by two of our members in 2010. We are called by clients that are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and often work places. We go to clients to help them figure out what or who may be there. We have state of the art equipment such as IR cameras, rem pods, spirit boxes, ovilus, K-2 meters and digital recorders. All pictures and digital EVP recordings from clients homes or businesses are posted with their permission. We will not disclose location unless permission is granted from the homeowner or business owner. Let us know if there is something we can help you with today!

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We love our clients and do our best to help ease their minds. If there is something we can help you or someone you know with, please feel free to email us your contact information and we will call you and get details and set up an investigation.

Graveyard Shift Paranormal Society

There are no business hours because we are here to help 24/7

Feel free to email us at any time and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.


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